FRIENDS is an 8 lesson series on what the Bible has to say about Christian friendship. As a matter of fact, our faith is centered around friendship! God has revealed Himself in so many ways and one of the most cherished ways is as a friend! As Christians, we need each other and Jesus prayed we would be in unity as He, the Father and Holy Spirit are in complete unity. One of the vehicles that allows us to navigate through unity is friendship!

So many people don't know how to be a Biblical sort of friend, so Lisa and Jessie tackle the subject of friendship in this series.

FriendsFlowerforWEbAvailable for you is:

  1. 8 video sessions available for FREE YouTube or for a shipping/handling fee on DVD.
  2. 1 printable workbook. (And, you can make as many copies as you need for ministry purposes.)  (NOTE: These aren't for resell, however, if you have them printed and want to charge your group the printing cost only, you are welcome to do so.)


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Friends Teaching Series

 Here are the 8 videos that correspond with the Let's Talk About Friends Workbook!